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Surviving the craziness. #ramble

Highfields House, West Bromwich

It is Sunday morning, so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. As always our fortunes are dependent on the competence of the government and this one couldn’t be more useless or wrong. This morning, a minister said that the Moderna covid vaccine protected against both covid and influenza. In reality, it protects against two strains of covid. I suppose it is an easy mistake to make but trashing the economy isn’t so easy to do. Anyway, I’ve had my covid booster, I went to the drop-in centre last Sunday afternoon and will book my flu jab this week.


I don’t know how I would cope without technology now. We might have power cuts during this winter. How will I cope without my laptop and television, not to mention the central heating? I will still have my phone and I was thinking about that while I was in bed the other day. The battery hasn’t been lasting all day so I decided to check on Amazon for a battery. I found the standard ones are 3300 ma but I could get one 4200 ma so I ordered that one. I’m using about 2% of the energy in it an hour today so I think it will easily last all day. If we have power cuts I can turn on data occasionally and so be able to run my Facebook pages. I’ll also have all my reminders! I need my reminders!


I haven’t taken many photographs recently, so I plan on going out today. It’s 11 C now so not too cold and the forecast says sunny this afternoon. I’ve got a few aches and pains so I’ve dosed myself up on painkillers. Today’s picture is of Highfields House in West Bromwich. I sometimes go to Sandwell Valley in West Bromwich which is a nature reserve with a river running through and a lake. There is also a farm open to the public. I think the car park might be full today, they are picking pumpkins!

Eye test

To be a photographer, you have to be able to see properly and I can’t just lately. The main problem is the Transitions coating on my glasses is scratched. So this week, I will have my eyes tested and order new specs. My main problem just lately with photography is in editing rather than taking pictures. I’ll be OK taking pictures today, the left lens in my glasses isn’t too bad! I didn’t go far last week but I sort of forgot that my car has a heater! That shows how little I have driven it recently. I’ll remember to switch the heater on today. There is a thin cloud today but it is sunny. I’ll be setting the white balance to sunny today, I think.


The craziness with my finances continues. My energy bill is being reduced and then another government subsidy is supposed to be paid to my bank account. That didn’t work out right either. My energy supplier set my direct debit too low at £48 which is lower than the subsidy so I get £48 paid to my bank account and the rest credited to my energy account. Confused? So is the government that devised this nonsense. Tomorrow, I’ll be watching the stock market again looking for opportunities. I’m surviving the craziness!


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