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Lockdown pictures #photography

During the lockdowns of 2020, I wandered around my garden taking pictures of everything and anything that I saw. This picture of a sparrow taking off is quite unusual. I shot it wide-open (widest aperture) using my 28 – 300mm lens. Obviously, I got lucky because it took off at just the right moment. I also cropped the image to get this picture.

I like this picture and it has been in an exhibition. I actually shot the picture through the windscreen of my car. I was early for an appointment and so needed to waste 5 minutes so I got my camera out!

This is another lockdown picture from Spring 2020. At that time, I understood what a pandemic would mean, millions of people were going to die and that was quite scary. More than 200,000 people died in the UK but we were lucky that vaccines were developed so quickly. The day I was due to get my jab, it snowed overnight but then they opened walk-in centres and I got my jab at the hospital. I hope lessons were learnt from that. Walk-in centres are the way to go!

I put a border around these pictures with Photoscape and gave each one a title. I resized, cropped and sharpened the pictures in Photoscape too.


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