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The photographic journey #photography

I began my photographic journey in 2008 with a Fujifilm S5600 bridge camera. You can buy those cameras used on eBay and Amazon now, for as little as £25. Don’t pay more than £30! They are only 5 Megapixels and the rear screen is a little small but they take good pictures in good light. I took this picture of the Manor Hospital in 2011. I was a regular visitor to the hospital then and they were still building it. The car park was still a building site. Because the hospital was new, the local newspaper didn’t have pictures so one of my pictures ended up in the local paper. That was the first of many and for a while, my blog was featured too.

Nikon D3200

My next camera was the Nikon D3200 and an entry-level DSLR. That had a cropped sensor and a 24 megapixels camera. I took this picture of a school in 2016 and as you can see the sun was on it so I got a great picture. I also had 8 years of experience behind me and by that time my pictures had not only been in newspapers but also in exhibitions.

In 2016 I decided to have some art cards printed and had a little social media competition to decide which pictures to have printed. That was featured in the newspaper as well.


It is difficult to see the difference between pictures shot with the Nikon D3200 and the D750 but the D750 is superior. It not only picks up light from the shadows and performs better in low light but also processes images better. It also does things like bracketing that isn’t available on the D3200. Doing the settings is easy on the D750 too. There are two thumbwheels that control the aperture and shutter speed respectively.

I would recommend starting your photographic journey with a used DSLR like the D3200 or if that is too expensive a bridge camera that has a viewfinder like the Fujifilm S5600.


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