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Snow and other tribulations. #ramble

Yes, we woke up to a thick layer of snow this morning so I’m late writing this post. My car has a layer of ice over it covered by a thicker layer of snow. I have no intention of going out. My central heating is struggling a little to keep my kitchen at 23 C. I need ventilation in my kitchen and so the warm air goes out through ventilation grills and draws freezing air in under the door, giving an icy draught.

Chicken stew

I’ve cooked chicken stew for dinner which will warm me up a little. I’m fortunate in having a gas cooker and so cooking isn’t as expensive as using electricity to cook. I did use my air fryer at lunchtime, I didn’t fancy my usual salad lunch.


I did take a few photos today of Eddy the Elf and the snow. It stopped snowing at lunchtime and there has been a little bit of traffic on the roads today so they are passable. The gritters will be out again now. I looked on Google maps to see what the traffic was like and there is a road accident nearby. Few people seem to have experience now of driving in snow and ice. Tomorrow morning it is forecast to be more difficult with mist and fog adding to the risk of snow and ice.


Most of my family members will spend time with their children over Christmas so I invited them to come to my house next Sunday. It will be a buffet and drinks occasion and a chance to catch up on what everyone has been doing.


In the past, I have ventured out to take Christmas card-style pictures and I might do that this year. I usually take a few pictures on Christmas day. There are some good subjects, pools and canals freeze over and a sprinkling of snow makes everything look nice as it hides the grime and litter.


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