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I need some new food ideas. #ramble

The Olde Leathern Bottel

I write posts about photography and finance and I usually do a post on Sunday morning when I just ramble and share my thoughts with you. I haven’t written a post this week. I haven’t been well and didn’t really have anything to say. Today’s photo is one I took to create an art card. I had a lot of cards printed from it. I’ve done four art cards so far and you need to have a lot printed to get a good price per card. I might try giving those cards away this summer. Just leaving art on benches in parks and that sort of thing has been popular but I might put a set of art cards in a cellophane envelope and leave them in the bookshop or in a cafe for people to pick up.

This weekend is quite damp and dismal but I might venture out with my camera tomorrow. When it is a grey sky like today I can adjust the white balance on my camera to take the greyness into account. A higher ISO setting will compensate for the poor light too. My Nikon D750 has a full-frame sensor so it is quite good in low light. I’m considering shooting a different subject matter now. I like to get vehicles into my shots and signs. I run a local history group and over the past two days, I’ve posted lots of vehicle pictures into the group on Facebook. I shot those pictures at a car show in 2012.

This week wasn’t a bad week on the stock exchange. The FTSE 100 continues to climb slowly and i think the growth figures for the economy will be a lot better for January. I’ve got a few dividends coming up soon. Lloyd’s Banking Group is giving me a good return now.

The economy is still suffering because of Brexit and the pandemic. Brexiteers have adopted this anti-Europe stance as a religion and want to stop the boats and trash people’s rights. I don’t like centralisation so I wasn’t keen on joining the EU but we did a lot of trade in the single market. We should have insisted on the implementation of subsidiarity as outlined in the Maastricht Treaty and then Brexit wouldn’t have been necessary. We could have asked the EU to stop the boats then. Politicians often miss the obvious. Anyway, people see me as left-wing because I dislike far-right and far-left views. I’m not really left-wing. We have a right-wing government so naturally, I oppose more of their policies. When we have a left-wing government I’ll be more right-wing!

My thoughts this weekend have turned to food. I cooked stir-fry on Thursday with pork, rice, rice noodles, bean sprouts and mushrooms. It was OK but last night I really enjoyed bacon, eggs, baked beans and mushrooms. I’m cooking smoked fish today and tomorrow a traditional dinner with turkey, roast potatoes and vegetables. I like to enjoy my food but can’t always decide what to cook. I have a nice bottle of Pinot Noir to open later…

I need some new food ideas for meals. Now, what can I cook with those prawns in the freezer?


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