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Easter ideas. #ramble

It’s Easter Sunday! The temperature here is still only 6 C, but the forecast says it will go as high as 14 C this afternoon. I need to go out for the sake of my sanity! I might wander around somewhere and take some pictures.

If you’re a blogger, and I know many of my readers are, taking up photography is a good idea. The settings on a DSLR sound complicated when you start, but they aren’t complicated. Settings like metering are set when you start a session, and then all you have to worry about is the aperture and shutter speed. I shoot a lot on aperture priority and only need to set the aperture while leaving the shutter speed for the camera to set. I not only use the pictures for my blog but also social media posts.

Bank holidays disrupt my usual routine a little. I spend a lot of time researching investments and watching the stock market. On Friday, I had to find something else to do. Spring is finally here and so my thoughts have turned to gardening. I can’t do a lot of gardening, but I intend to do as much as possible. I got up early this morning because I could sleep because of arthritic pain in my hip. I’ve taken pain relief pills and feel fine now, but that is something I need to consider when I work in the garden. I took delivery of a mini chainsaw yesterday, which should help me control my overgrown hedge! I’ve found that I can do a lot of work if I do a little each day and rest frequently. Where there is a will, there’s a way!

I’m the admin of the Wednesbury History Group on Facebook, so I know our environment changes. I see pubs and shops closing down and so I try to photograph them before they disappear. I put historic photos on Facebook and modern ones I’ve taken in the past few years. I hope it gives group members a sense of how things have changed and continue to change. They seem to value our history and heritage more because of the group.

According to that rubbish rag, the Daily Express, we will all be in a “feel good” wave prompted by the Coronation next month. According to the Express, this will rescue the Tories from local election gloom. The local elections will be interesting because many pro-Corbyn councillors have been deselected! Councils nationwide will have to become more thrifty and frugal as inflation cuts their budgets.

The temperature outside is now up to 7 C and it is still dry. My photography outing is still on!


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